Friday, 12 August 2011

New Challenge

Thank you for a lovely evening Jemma, you have showed us a wonderful technique to use and I hope all that were there will finish their piece of stitching. Next month is sit and sew so the pieces can be stitched then.
We also decided to challenge ourselves after four of us visited the Festival of Quilts yesterday and saw the wonderful quilts.We will each make a 12inch by 12inch quilt or to contain three layers based on this years theme of Nature.Any medium and your choice of materials.This is to be shown finished at the christmas meeting.
Happy sewing

Monday, 8 August 2011

Thursday with Jemma

We will be creating a surface to stitch as learnt at summer school
you will need:
an image to work from a landscape or close up detail with line and texture would be ideal
a piece of cotton fabric or simular,ideally a colour from your image and easy to stitch through,postcard to A4 size
silk fibres[I will have some]
other interesting fibres such as fleece,yarns,flax and small snippets of fabric.You really want these to match with your image or work with a neutral pallette
fine chiffon the size of your cotton fabric
sewing cotton for tacking
scissors and pins
we should be able to create a background ready for stitch
See you all on thursday