Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Boat on Thursday 9th June

Hi all,
just realised that we are meeting on Thursday and I am doing something on line with you.......
have a couple of ideas that will help us explore some elements of line. - and you will need to bring a range of the following...
for idea 1
  • Double sided tape and a small piece of mount board - about 6X6" or postcard sized (7X5")
  • String and threads of varying thicknesses (that will go on the sticky mount board)
  • fabric pencils/crayons.
  • textured wall paper scraps., tile spacers, old paperclips, curtain hooks ( I have some that I will bring)
  • Calico, cotton, anything that you could make a rubbing onto 9 can be plain or coloured - your choice)
  • layout paper or similar thinish paper. ( I have some that I can bring)
for idea 2
  • 7X7" ish piece of fabric for couching onto
  • threads for couching, straws, stirrers, twigs etc
  • stabaliser - felt or wadding - or what ever you have!
for idea 3
  • a range of coloured paper - can be plain, can be patterened, thick, thin... again your choice; could be paper that you have with transfer paint on
  • glue stick
  • sheet of cartridge paper or sketch pad paper ( I have some I can bring)